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63 Wedding Cartoons

This week the theme was “Weddings”. My submission is #58 in the slide show. I thought it would be a different take to feature the wedding photographer, since they are usually the one invisible yet utterly crucial player in the wedding scheme. I also thought it could be taken like it’s the paparazzi shooting a celebrity wedding, as there are so many celebrity destination weddings.


Thank you to all the artists who submitted! We had an exceptionally difficult time winnowing down our top choices this week, but we had to force ourselves to commit. There are many wonderful images in this slideshow and we hope you’ll take the time to look through it. We look forward to hearing which images you like best and why.

72 Cartoons About Gay Marriage

I really appreciate this contest, it’s fascinating to see so many submissions and to read the feedback from the NYer’S editor.

This week my submission is # 69 in the slide show. You should check out the winner and runners up too. They’re posted separately. An interesting topic for sure, this week.


What a week! We had quite a gay old time going through all these submissions and we hope you will as well. Thank you to everyone who sent in images. We look forward to hearing which ones you like and why in the comments below. 

How excited I am! I am a runner up again in the Blown Cover’s weekly contest. The theme this week was “Graduation”. They put my submission side by side with another of similar theme. I just love to see all the different ideas illustrators have on one subject.


Graduation Contest: Runners-up #4

By Sarah Romano Diehl (left) and Tim Foley (right)

When we put these two images side by side, we got into an interesting discussion about the direction in which this particular narrative should be told. Should you end with the student who falls or begin there? We think each works in its own way. What’s charming in both of these pictures are the sequential emotions shown on the different students’ faces. From passive, to nervous, to elated, to doomed - each character tells us one piece of a larger story. 

69 Cartoons on the Economic Divide

# 62 this week. It was a quick one- I have a crazy busy week this week. I’m hoping next week to spend some more time on my submission.blowncovers:

Thank you to everyone who submitted this week! This topic was more narrow than others, and it was fascinating to see so many artists find a way to transform the concept of our nation’s economic divide into a cutting visual. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on which ones you liked most and why. 

87 Celebrations of Motherhood

Woohoo! I am a runner-up this week! #11. I am so happy. Also, they included my 2nd submission which is # 81.


Thank you to everyone who submitted this week! It was wonderful to see so many new names in the mix and Mother’s Day was an especially fun topic for this mother-daughter team to flip through. Here are the 12 runners-up with Francoise’s editorial notes followed by the full roster of submissions we received. As always, we encourage you to look at and learn from each other and we’d love to hear which ones you liked and why. 

92 Funny Rites of Spring

I got on the New Yorker’s “Blown Covers” site again! # 85 is my sketch under the spring theme.


Thank you for all the wonderful submissions! This week, they’re all in one slideshow: the winner, 10 runner-ups (scroll over for my comments), then many of the other entries we received. If you submitted this week, please feel free to share your sketch on your own page. I believe artists can learn a lot from looking at each other’s process, so take a look. I would love to hear which ones you liked and why in the comments. 

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